April 2010 Meeting
April 18, 2010, 3PM, Christ Community Church, Carmichael

Our featured performer was Gabe Becker. Gabe performed 
three movements from the Grand Sonata  Op. 25 by Fernando
Sor, Vill-Lobos, Concerto for Guitar Orchestra guitar parts,
and Invocacion y Danza by Joaquin Rodrigo. Afer a question-
answer session and a break, Ramona Simko played the Prelude
for Lute, BWV 999 on her Carpenter Extended 7-string. Anatoly 
Yevsyukov followed with Caravan, arranged by Howard Morgan, 
and Greg Williams played Quatro Valses Venezolanos by Lauro.

March 2010 Meeting
March 21, 2010, 3PM, Christ Community Church, Carmichael

Not pictured - Daniel Roest
Serenade by Philip Rosheger; Prelude 4, Heitor Villa-Lobos

Other March notes - Gabe becker will be our featured performer next month, April 18th, 3pm, as a tune up for his April 29th, 6pm Masters Recital, Capistrano Hall, Room 151, CSUS. Attendees were invited to become members. Some discussion of potential concerts, the recent SBGS festival and the SGS website followed.
February 2010
Sacramento Guitar Society
February 21, 2010; 3 to 5:00 PM
Stephen Roberts’ Home, Fair Oaks, CA

The Guitar Foundation of America (GFA) Conference will be in June in Austin, Texas. Steve Roberts is going, Daniel Roest is trying to go (pending grant approval), and Bill Anderson is considering going to the conference. More on information on this topic will be reported at the March meeting. 

Service and education are the central goals of SGS. We need to get the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) process going. 

Elizabeth Wendt and Harold Sexton talked about music in Kaiser Hospital for music therapy at the last meeting (Sorry, no meeting minutes were taken to summarize this discussion. Contact Harold Sexton for more information on how you can perform at Kaiser’s Sacramento Area hospitals. (See Contacts)

At the meeting, Bill Anderson distributed membership application forms and began taking checks and cash for memberships. Tied to this is opening a checking account at Wells Fargo Bank. He needs $200 minimum to open an account.

Daniel Roest hosted Fingerstyle guitarist Mark Hanson's workshop at his home studio February 13th.

January 2010 Meeting
January 24, 4pm, CSU Sacramento Capistrano Hall Room 223
A meeting of the Board unanimously accepted a plan for dues developed by the membership steering committee led by SGS Treasurer Bill Anderson. The meeting schedule for 2010 was changed to the 3rd Sunday of each month. We lost access to Capistrano Hall so our new location is TBA as of this writing. Kaiser Hospital North Valley Service Area Spiritual Healing Music Program Coordinator Elizabeth Wendt, a harpist and Certified Music Practitoner, gave a presentation on her program with assistance from program participant and SGS board member Harold Sexton. Greg Williams played Julia Florida by Barrios, George England and Matt Foley both played Bach Cello Suite transcriptions and Daniel Roest played Serenade by Rosheger and Pernambuco's Sounds of Bells on a borrowed guitar with pernambuco back and sides. Drinks and snacks were enjoyed before and after the meeting. Also present were SGS Secretary Steve Roberts, SGS Board Member and Legal Advisor Dan Rooney. Benjamin Lopez and Tim Powell. 

Sunday December 20 afternoon 
2009 SGS Holiday Party 
at Roest Residence in Folsom

November 2009 Meeting
November 15, 2009; 3 to 5:00 PM
Davis Art Center, Davis, CA

Next month’s meeting will be a Holiday Party and Daniel Roest’s home in Folsom on December 20, 2009. Greg Williams performed a free recital Saturday, Nov. 7 as part of the Festival of New American Music. The recital was at Sacramento State’s Capistrano Hall, Room 151. Greg performed original works for guitar and electronic live looping technology. Greg has a CD available tilted, A Circle of Hidden Intentions, if you are interested in hearing Greg’s compositions, contact Greg though our website. Bill Anderson also discussed membership dues. Topics ranged from amount to the type of memberships the SGS will provide. 

A draft of the bylaws has been prepared, but several sections will need refinements, including: review of Board’s Charge, review of the Mission, Programs and Values, History of the Sacramento Guitar Society, Dues, Member recruitment and orientation and SGS policies and procedures.

An educational presentation introducing the work and theories of Barry Green, author of The Inner Game of Music and Bringing Music to Life, was co-presented by Daniel Roest, Harold Sexton and Steve Roberts. 

November 15th, 3pm, Davis Art Center, Free,
followed at 5pm by Elizabeth Busch's solo concert, same location
Songs and Dances from Around the World
Music by Albeniz, Domeniconi, Piazzolla, & more
$8-15 suggested donation 

The October 2009 Meeting: October 11, 4pm,
California State University Sacramento, Capistrano Hall, Room 223
Welcome, Introductions, Announcements, Business Meeting, Open Stage

Daniel Roest
Greg Williams
Steve Roberts
Sean O'Connor
Michael Threadgall
Bill Anderson
Nick Vest
Anatoliy Yevsyukov
Daniel Rooney

Summary of Business Meeting Minutes
Sacramento Guitar Society
October 11, 2009; 4 to 5:45 PM
Capistrano Hall, Cal State University, Sacramento

It was announced that the November 15, 2009 Sacramento Guitar Society (SGC) meeting 10will be held at the Davis Art Center in Davis, CA. The meeting will begin at 3 PM and conclude before 5 PM. At 5 PM, the members will be able to attend Elizabeth Busch’s concert at the Art Center. 

Daniel reported that the Sacramento Guitar Society is not exempted for taxes for educational purposes by the State of California. The next step is to get confirmation by the Federal Internal Revenue Service. This will cost $400.  The tax exempt status allows the SGC to bring in money and facilitate our projects.

Activities that the SGS will consider include: website updates, carpooling to meetings, improved publicity, regular monthly meetings and SGS sponsored performances by classical guitarists. 

The September 2009 Meeting: September 20, 4pm,
California State University Sacramento, Capistrano Hall, Room 223
Welcome, Announcements, Open Stage, Business Meeting

Daniel Roest
Greg Williams
Brandon Yip
Steve Roberts
Nick Vest

The August 2009 Meeting: August 23, 4pm,
California State University Sacramento, Capistrano Hall, Room 223
Welcome, Introductions, Announcements, Open Stage

Sean O'Connor
Waylin Carpenter
Greg Williams
Steve Roberts
Anatoliy Yevsyukov
Matthew Grasso
Ramona Simko
Nick Vest

The July 2009 Meeting: July 12,  4pm,
California State University Sacramento, Capistrano Hall, Room 223
Welcome, Introductions, Announcements, Open Stage

The June 2009 Meeting: June 14, 4pm,
Borders Books and Music, Folsom, CA
Welcome, Introductions, Announcements, Open Stage

The May 2009 Meeting: May 17, 4pm,
California State University Sacramento, Capistrano Hall, Room 223
Welcome, Introductions, Announcements, Open Stage, Business Meeting


1) Sean O'Connor: Francisco Tarrega - Capricho Arabe; J.S. Bach - Prelude from Cello Suite 1
2) Quartet: Matthew Grasso, Harold Sexton, Gabe Becker, Steve Roberts - Carnavalito, arr. John Zaradin
3) Duet: Gabe Becker and Harold Sexton: Egberto Gismondi - Agua e Vinho
4) Matthew Grasso: Beatles Suite - Yesterday, She's Leaving Home, Eleanor Rigby - all arranged by MG
5) Duet: Greg Williams and Michael Threadgall: Thomas Robinson - Toy for Two Lutes (Noad)
6) Greg Williams: Fernado Sor - Variatins on a Theme  - "La Folia"
7) Daniel Roest: Agustin Barrios Mangore - Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios; Rodrigo Riera - Preludio Criollo
8) Anatoliy Yevsyukov: Yevgeny Doga - Valse

The April 2009 Meeting: April 19, 4pm,
California State University Sacramento, Capistrano Hall, Room 223
Welcome, Introductions, Announcements, Open Stage, Business Meeting


1) Greg Williams played "Choro No. 1" by Heitor Villa-Lobos
2) Eric Gluckman played a classical guitar arrangement of the "Super Mario Bros. Theme"
3) Steve Roberts played "Waltz Hispañola" by José Ferrer
4) James Vittiello played Matthew Grasso's arrangement for 7-string guitar of the "Prelude" from the First Cello Suite, by J.S. Bach
5) Greg Williams' student Michael Threadgall played H. Villa-Lobos' "Prelude No. 1"
6) Matthew Grasso, Eric Rasmussen and Matt Foley performed Grasso's  original "7th Creation" and Grasso's arrangement of Gabriel Faure's "Pavane"
7) Italian guitarist Giacomo Fiore, currently at the San Francisco Conservatory, played the middle movement of "The Blue Guitar" by Michael Tippet.
8) Michael Harbison played Evan Hirschelman's "Homage to Michael Hedges"
9) Sean O'Connor played "An Malvina" by Johann Kaspar Mertz
10) Anatoly Yevsyokov played "Variations on a Russian Folk Song"
11) Daniel Roest played "Registro" by Antonio Lauro and "Study for Margot" by David Walbert
12) Ramona Simko played "Pavane of the Sleeping Beauty" by Maurice Ravel, arranged for extended 7-string guitar by Matthew Grasso
The group immediately following a Sacramento Guitar Society meeting at California State University's Capistrano Hall, made available by CSUS instructor Greg Williams.  Many wonderful pieces were played. From left, front row, Eric Gluckman, Greg Williams, Ramona Simko, Matthew Grasso. Back row from left, Daniel Roest, Matt Foley, James Vitiello, Eric Rasmussen, Sean O'Connor, Anatoly Yevsyukov, Giacomo Fiore, Michael HarbisonWaylin Carpenter, Brieta Carpenter, Steve Roberts, Daniel Rooney. Not pictured - Michael Threadgall, John Oster and Bill Anderson (Michael Threadgall's grandfather and himself a member of the Sacramento Classical Guitar Society in the mid-'60s). Matt Foley has studied extensively with Matthew Grasso and is now majoring in guitar performance at CSUS under Richard Savino.
Anatoliy Yevsyukov
Minuet in F and Andante, by Fernando Sor
Harold Sexton
El Testamento d'Amelia by Miguel Llobet;
Baden Powell piece
Greg Williams
Mazurka in G and Capricho Arabe by Francisco Tárrega
Gabe Becker
Op. 25, 2nd Mvmt., Fernando Sor;
 Prelude 2, H. Villa-Lobos
Steve Roberts
Waltz Español by
José Ferrer
May 2010 Meeting
May 16, 2010, 3PM, Christ Community Church, Carmichael

Our featured performer was Ray Zhou. His program was J.K Mertz - Unruhe; J.S Bach - BWV 998 Prelude, Fugue, Allegro; Manuel Ponce - Sonata III; Jeff Bowen - 5 Impromptus.
After a question-answer session covering his years at San Francisco Conservatory and pans for the future, we had a long break as the audience visited more with Ray and enjoyed refreshments. Following the break Matt Foley performed Lute Sonata 6 by Giovanni Zamboni: Allemande, Gigue, Sarabande and Govaotte, on his Carpenter Extended 7-string. Daniel Roest performed Barrios' Julia Florida and Bach's Prelude 1 in C (Parkening). Attending were Sal Falletta, John Oster, Ray Zhou, Daniel Roest, Harold Sexton, Greg Williams, Matt Foley, Anatoliy Yevsyukov, Rick and Diana Martin, Chuck and Betty Shramek, Nan Shaw, David Dodds and Dan Rooney.
Featured Artist Ray Zhou
Matt Foley performs.
Sacramento Guitar Society News in 2009-10
April 30, 2010 - Daniel Roest and Francesca Anderson gave a Community Concert Series Flute & Guitar concert in Plymouth at the Amador Market
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