Sacramento Guitar Society History – the ‘90s
With contributions from Benjamin Lopez, Ed Trujillo and Rick von Geldern, Ken Zeier
Some of the members in 1990's:  Donna Blake, James Hundley (president? -- meetings at his home),
Ed Trujillo (president -- meetings at his home), John Pearce (performer / composer),
Brian Thompson (Bach Bash organizer), Paul Hurley (newsletter), Armand (older guy -- not sure if he played so much as having an interest in guitar), with guest performers: James Edwards, Susan McDonald, and Muriel Anderson. James Hundley was a big contributor to the society.  He had a lot of energy and would treat everyone to fried chicken at his home while having at least one guest performer (from Germany - but I do not recall his name) play outside in the back yard for everyone. 
Meeting places - various members' homes in the 80's, Sierra 2 and old folks homes in the 90's.

The Sacramento Guitar Quartet was very active and included Rick von Geldern, Joe Burlingame, Paul Lillebo and the late Laverne Christie, to 1995, followed by Suzanne Lowy, to 2003. In 2003 Suzanne was replaced by Gene Jennings, and the group produced a CD, "Circles." [2003 Music Matters SGQ-00010CD]

The track list is

1.“TRIO” IN D MAJOR – Gragnani 
2.LUPERCE – Miranda
3.IL EST BEL ET BON – Passereau
4.CANON IN D – Pachelbel
6.ESPERANZA – Viltores
7.DESAMOR – Viltores
8.RIGADON – Grieg
9.CIRANDA – Miranda
10.TWO ANDEAN THEMES – Maldonado
11.BERCEUSE – Kleynjans
12.“TRIO” IN G MINOR – Vivaldi
13.PRELUDE – Ayton
15.PARABLE – Qualey
16.MAPLE LEAF RAG – Joplin

Liner Notes: 

The Moors brought the forerunner of the guitar to Spain in the Middle Ages and the Spanish guitar was developed in the 1500's. The guitar has evolved and is used in classical, Spanish and modern music. The Sacramento Guitar Quartet (SGQ) members, coming from various musical traditions, initially gathered together for a single performance. The result was an appreciation for the art of playing in ensemble and SGQ was formed. SGQ member Paul Lillibo has arranged much of the quartet's repertoire, including pieces from the classical period as well as from Spanish and modern composers. "Circles" represents guitar quartet pieces from these three categories. We hope you enjoy!

I recall attending and playing (just a rank amateur) at SGS meetings, at an old folks home in the south Sacramento area around 1992.  I can't recall names but one member was a luthier.
An Asian student from UC Davis attended and played. The meetings were attended by no more than a dozen if I recall. It was informal and anyone was invited to play who was in attendance. I believe there was a newsletter.  I still have some copies of music I picked up back then including Maria Luisa: Mazurka (Julio Sagreras).
Ken Zeier
Shingle Springs, CA. December 2011
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