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Sacramento Guitar Society

 School Outreach Programs
The Sacramento Guitar Society has been bringing world-class guitarists to schools since 2011. Students around the region have met and been thrilled by artists from China, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Bosnia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia and the United States. SGS has performed to over 5,000 students in the past two years. Two examples:

Russian flamenco guitarist Grisha Goryachev performed at a Rancho Cordova middle school with a large Russian speaking population. During the concert, he spoke Russian to the students and got a big ovation. He then translated to the class in English. His message was to stay in school and obey your teachers. 

Swedish artist Johannes Möller performed at Harry Dewey Fundamental Elementary to play for the assembly, which included a class of deaf/hard of hearing children. A signer interpreted his words, and his performance was captured in vibrations on a balloon held by a totally deaf girl in the front row.

SGS hopes to inspire more children to both enjoy the guitar and consider playing the instrument. While some schools either have guitar classes or have households that can afford lessons for their children, many of the low income schools we visit have neither. SGS wanted to change this, and we are working to provide opportunities for all, per our Mission Statement.
Swedish virtuoso classical guitarist Johannes Möller at Harry Dewey Elementary School in Fair Oaks, CA
Russian flamenco guitarist GRISHA GORYACHEV dazzles Sacramento junior high students. 20% spoke Russian at home and were especially thrilled.