Appreciation Gallery - Selected Shots & Quotes
Grisha performs in the band room at Rosemont High School
Grisha performs in the auditorium at Mills Middle  School
Coordinating Grisha's visit to schools, from left: Gary Roach - volunteer, Daniel Roest- SGS President / Artistic Director, Grisha Goryachev, Nancy Exley - SGS Secretary, Dan McCrossen - Mills Music Teacher, Steve Roberts - SGS Vice- President / Treasurer
"Dear Sean, Greg and Daniel, 

On behalf of the Auburn Community Concert Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your performance, on July 12, [2012] at The Arts Building in Auburn. Your music selections were well performed and enjoyable. It was especially thoughtful for SGS to play two selections with our guest artist, Giorgio [Khokhobashvili, violin] .

Also appreciated are your efforts to publicize our concert series. I am sure SGS had a lot to do with the added attendance at this concert.

I hope that we can work together again in the future.

-Connie Burns, President
Auburn Community Concert  Association

"Last week, Daniel Roest of the Sacramento Guitar Society came to MVP to teach music to our middle and high school students. He surprised us with a special guest: Mr. Zhou, a classical guitarist who performed brilliantly. Listening to their music, while sitting in our humble classroom in a neighborhood where typical sounds include loud voices from the street and helicopters above, was an amazing elevation of our spirits. We are so grateful to our two guests and to the Guitar Society for including a small group of kids in their thoughts and planning."

-Laura Caraccio, MVP Sacramento

"Dear Daniel,  

Thank you and the other members of the Guitar Society for spending the morning playing such wonderful music for Wellspring's guests, staff and volunteers. The music added a festive touch and the guests enjoyed singing along.
​[to Christmas carols]

Thank you!"
-The Wellspring Staff
Special thanks to
"Wow! My ears were ringing the whole way home Friday night - I was so wired by his playing. I watched his hands the whole time...there were times where I thought "wait a minute...run that back and play it again in slow motion!" I couldn't believe some of his reaches and amazing strumming. Positively electrifying.
Thanks again for letting me know about this wonderful, unique, talented and gifted performer! Best Birthday Ever!"
-Kathy Lewin (after April 2019 Rovshan Mamedkuliev concert):

"Dear Mr. Roest, Thank you and the Sacramento Guitar Society for sponsoring me to attend the Michael Chapdelaine workshop. It was very interesting to hear about his life and music. I learned a lot about everything from theory to nails. This was a very special experience for me and I can't thank you enough. Sincerely," 
-Alex Bonilla, Feb., 2016

 "All, I hope this reaches everybody who was involved in Friday's Grisha Goryachev's visit to Rosemont (my work email is down today and I can't verify all my contacts yet.) 

On behalf of my students and Rosemont High School, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to The Sacramento Guitar Society and Grisha Goryachev for a truly extraordinary experience on Friday. Grisha Goryachev's "Master Class" and concert will not soon be forgotten by anyone who attended. He was inspiring, engaging, professional, personable, and very informative-- he had something to offer everyone from the novice to the expert. He had a class of 70 high school students hanging on his every word in rapt attention, which is not an easy feat to accomplish. He was very gracious in allowing my Digital Music students record him. We appreciate the opportunity to get "real world" experience of such a professional caliber. Mr. Goryachev's guitar performances were absolutely awe-inspiring; everyone was thoroughly impressed and inspired. I am sure the students, like me, will be influenced by this experience for quite some time. Again, a huge thank you to all involved in this first class experience. I feel privileged that the Sacramento Guitar Society chose Rosemont High School for this outreach event, and we look forward to future events and collaborations.

-Steve Boettner
Guitar Teacher, Rosemont High School

"It was a treat for Gregory and me to play for the Sacramento Guitar Society. It's gratifying to see such a thriving organization. I'm especially glad to see the guitar orchestra component, involving many more of the members. That's a great idea."

-David Grimes, CSU Fullerton, Spring 2013
Swedish virtuoso classical guitarist Johannes Möller at Harry Dewey Elementary School in Fair Oaks, CA, October 2012. The child in front with the orange balloon is deaf and experienced the music through vibrations. 
for the artist photos 
Chinese sensations Meng Su & Yameng Wang combine as The Beijing Guitar Duo. they visited Folsom High School the day after their weekend of concerts for the Sacramento Guitar Society.

It was an extraordinary afternoon and we will definitely look for your other concerts.  Johannes was a delight to listen to, as well as to watch.  The music seemed to pour from his entire being.  What a wonderful performer he is!  I enjoyed meeting you and greatly appreciate the photos.  Many thanks. We, in Folsom, are so lucky to have our wonderful venue at Three Stages."

-Donna Thomas
Folsom, CA
"Daniel and Steve,
Thank you so much for bringing Elliot to performance and lecture for the students today. It was an honor to have a musician of this level interact with the students and open their minds to so many musical and social ideas. I could have personally listened to him speak all day. He is a tremendous talent and inspiration and I appreciate all of your time and interest in sharing him with us today."
Angelo Moreno
Davis Senior High School

"Northridge Music is happy to support the Sacramento Guitar Society. We really believe and support what you guys are doing - whatever we can do to help your members and their students, we're here for that."
Chris Teresi, President and General Manager

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